2002 Race Results

The course was measured to be 303 long (A drawing is shown below this table). Only the top fifteen teams are listed. Two teams from Oklahoma State University and one additional team each from UCB and UCD also competed.


  • UCD = University of California, Davis
  • UCB = University of California, Berkeley
  • SJSU = San Jose State University


    Place Team Adjusted Time (s) Adjusted Speed (ft/s) Video Racers
    1st UCB3 34.10 8.89 Video Gabriel Nell, Steven VanDeBogart, Jerrold Smith
    2nd UCD1 36.32 8.34 Video Edward Ayrapetian, Jonathan Kaefer
    3rd UCB6 38.49 7.87 Video Jusuk Lee & Christopher Gimenez
    4th UCD2 38.63 7.84 Leila Carbonel, Eric Quiambao
    5th UCB1 39.28 7.71 Sunil Ramesh, Bharathwaj Muthuswamy, Brendan Tran Morris
    6th UCD5 40.67 7.45 Elaine Mi Mi, Min Ng
    7th UCB8 43.34 6.99 Matthew Zierhut, Zack Oberman, Forrest Sedgwick
    8th UCD6 47.00 6.45 Srikanth Nori, Wen Wei
    9th UCB7 51.12 5.93 Johnny Fu
    10th UCB5 52.00 5.83 Michael Fu, Andre Janto
    11th UCD4 53.80 5.63 Kironyo Kirony, Ty Nguyen
    12th UCB2 58.47 5.18 Hugo Roger Shi, Eric J. Park
    13th SJSU1 59.07 5.13 Alex Abigog, Hendra Gunawan, Qi Li
    14th SJSU3 134.59 2.25 Yiu San Fung, Man Hong Liu, Se-Kit Chan
    12th SJSU2 141.30 2.14 Albert Kaw, Lin Yun

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