2003 Race Results

The course was measured to be 274’5″ long (A drawing is shown below this table). Only the top eleven teams are listed. 17 teams came to the competition from 6 schools: UCD = University of California, Davis; UCB = University of California, Berkeley; SJSU = San Jose State University; CSUS = California State University, Sacramento; UCLA = University of California, Los Angeles; DVRY = Devry of Calgary. Two of these schools, Devry and UCLA, were competing for the first time – Welcome Aboard!


  • UCD = University of California, Davis
  • UCB = University of California, Berkeley
  • UCLA = University of California, Los Angeles
  • CSUS = California State University, Sacramento
  • DVRY = Devry of Calgary
  • SJSU = San Jose State University


    Place Team Adjusted Time (s) Adjusted Speed (ft/s) Video Racers
    1st UCB2 28.58 9.60 Video Nathaniel Hunsperger, Mohammed Jafari-Nejad, Artem Tkachenko
    2nd DVRY1 31.20 8.80 Video Omid Athari, Russell McCue, & Curtis Williams
    3rd UCB5 34.81 7.88 Video Thuan Tai Ho, Lloyd Lim, Joe Ho Tam
    4th UCB1 35.37 7.76 Robert Condy, Tyler Elliott, Nir Matalon
    5th UCB4 36.00 7.62 Jack Kang, Roger Hong
    6th UCD6 36.95 7.43 Nicolas Curia, Vinh Cun, Keiju Hasegawa
    7th UCD3 41.18 6.66 Charlton Lau, Mickee Pun
    8th UCD5 42.82 6.41 Eric Rico, Robert Heath
    9th UCD1 52.82 5.20 Hector Gamero, La Rae Calizar
    10th CSUS1 57.14 4.80 Bruce Centurino, Syndi Luong, Elias Carrasco Jr., Miguel Yanez Jr.
    11th SJSU3 69.56 3.95 Kuo-Fu Tai, Kevin Lam

    Course Map