2004 Race Results

The course was measured to be 251’5″ long (A drawing is shown below this table). Only the top 11 teams are listed. 19 teams came to the competition from 5 schools: UCD = University of California, Davis; UCB = University of California, Berkeley; CSUS = California State University, Sacramento; UCLA = University of California, Los Angeles; DVRY = Devry of Calgary.


  • UCD = University of California, Davis
  • UCB = University of California, Berkeley
  • UCLA = University of California, Los Angeles
  • CSUS = California State University, Sacramento
  • DVRY = Devry of Calgary


    Place Team Adjusted Time (s) Adjusted Speed (ft/s) Video Racers
    1st UCB3 25.75 9.76 Video Fred Chang, Donovan Lee, Joshua Schrier
    2nd UCB4 26.60 9.45 Video Abe Bachrach, Tim Chen, Philip Roan
    3rd UCD3 28.36 8.87 Video Brent Smith, Daniel Droubay
    4th UCB5 29.02 8.66 Thomas Kuo, Ted Lee
    5th UCB2 32.24 7.80 Andrew Cheng, Grace Soh, Hai Nguyen
    6th UCB8 36.53 6.88 Jeff Hao, Ryan Scheidt
    7th UCB7 37.13 6.77 Morteza Lahijanian, Kit Yee Ng, Andrew Redfern
    8th UCD9 38.47 6.54 Francisco De Martino, Kin Ming Ng
    9th UCD8 39.29 6.40 Cheng-Lei Lin, Douglas Sieh
    10th UCD5 39.53 6.36 Jonathan Huber, Mo Maggie Zhang
    11th UCLA4 44.84 5.61 Hassan Sharghi, David Tung, Cai Zeng, Krisitie Phan

    Course Map