2009 Race Results

The course was measured to be 255.7 feet long (A drawing is shown below this table). The top 14 teams are listed. 27 teams came to the competition from 6 schools: UCD = University of California, Davis; UCB = University of California, Berkeley; UCLA = University of California, Los Angeles; SJSU = San Jose State Univerity; OSU = Oklahoma State University; and UCSD = University of California, San Diego.


    • UCD = University of California, Davis
    • UCB = University of California, Berkeley
    • UCLA = University of California, Los Angeles
    • UCSD = University of California, San Diego
    • OSU = Oklahoma State University
    • SJSU = San Jose State University


    Place Team Adjusted Time (s) Adjusted Speed (ft/s) Video Racers
    1st UCB2 26.32 9.71 Video Hartej Singh Dhami, Farzad Fatollahi-Fard & Amanullah Mohiudin
    2nd UCB1 26.99 9.47 Video Angela Hsueh, Alan Chien-Tung Wu & Ryan Mark Zheng
    3rd OSU2 29.21 8.75 Video Jamie Anderson
    4th UCD5 31.71 8.06 Video Sergey Shtern, Eric Lin & Jeff Maassen
    5th UCB8 32.88 7.78 Video Phillip Wen-Hsien Chang, Andrew K Tamura, Kaveh Minooie
    6th UCB10 33.43 7.65 Video Jennifer Wang, Hon Wai (Cliff) Fung, Trung Vo
    7th UCB3 34.51 7.41 Video Jonathan Chee Keung Se, Derek Tian-Wei Tia & Stephen Dane Armiento
    8th UCB4 35.25 7.25 Michael Chen-Hwa Chu, Oliver Zi-An Lee & Miklos Wang Christine
    9th UCB7 36.92 6.93 Madalyn Sarah Berns, Xiao-Yu Fu & Eric Y Zhou
    10th UCB9 37.79 6.77 Noah Michael Johnson-Walls, Pohan Yang, Jameson J Lee
    11th OSU3 39.82 6.42 Video Charles Enochs
    12th UCB11 40.35 6.34 Video Patrick Justin Au, Kevin Liu & Jeffery Leland Foshag
    13th UCD6 41.41 6.17 Video Andrew Hooper, Brandon Smith & Simon Wong
    14th UCLA1 45.04 5.68 Video William Lu, Jeffery Akamine & Jonathan Chew

    Course Map