2016 Race Results

The 2016 NATCAR competition took place on 15 May 2016. The course ran 392 feet long and the three undergrad, grad, and alumni divisions housed 33, 1, and 9 teams respectively.


    • UCD = University of California, Davis
    • UCB = University of California, Berkeley
    • UCSD = University of California, San Diego
    • UCLA = University of California, Los Angeles
    • CSUF = California State University, Fullerton

    Undergrad Division

    Place Team Adjusted Time (s) Adjusted Speed (ft/s) Video Racers
    1st CSUF: solomente Uno 31.59 12.41 Video Travis Larson
    2nd UCSD: Midnight A-Go-Go 32.96 11.90 Video Wei Tseng
    3rd UCD: BJT 37.16 10.55 Video Robert Bewely, Christopher Johnson, Jordan Trout
    4th CSUF: Lazy Egg 37.58 10.43 Video Diana Chacon, Jennifer Nguyen
    5th UCB: Team 7 44.35 8.84 Video Andrew Chen, Nathan Wong, Richard Liaw
    6th UCD: Omega 44.42 8.82 Video Alex Jacobsen, Igor Sheremet
    7th UCD: Golden Runner 44.70 8.77 Video Siu Tsui, Yuexin Yu, Dinglei Xie
    8th UCD: Drift to Win 50.33 7.79 Video Nick Carley, Harry Liu
    9th UCD: Team Threshold 50.34 7.79 Video Porfirio Cervantes, Jonathan On, Daniel Shing
    10th UCD: Chi Car Mark VI 54.25 7.23 Video Chi Huynh, Carlow Contreras, Marco Dominquez
    11th UCLA: Solder Wicks Us 56.68 6.92 Video Lindsay Light, Kathleen Chan, Qiuyu Zhang
    12th UCD: Trofie Fratelli 56.78 6.90 Video Eliseo Campos, Zacher Tiburzi
    13th UCLA: AAA NATCAR Insurance 58.32 6.72 Video Will Chuang, Andrew Ho
    14th UCLA: Flying Car-Pet 59.30 6.61 Video Matthew Quach, Orion Burl, Leon Ho
    15th Fullerton College: The Hornets 63.57 6.17 Video Ian Mackie , Jennifer Nguyen, Jered Vaichis
    16th UCLA: Jank Wheels 67.03 5.85 Video Greg Balke
    17th UCLA: Team Pusheen 71.70 5.47 Video Ted Akiyama, Cullen Quine
    18th UCLA: XJBD 73.11 5.36 Video Zhitong Qian, Zhitong Qian, Jiaming Zheng
    19th UCLA: The Magic School Bus 357.73 1.10 Video Jeffrey Chen

    Grad Division

    Place Team Adjusted Time (s) Adjusted Speed (ft/s) Video Racers
    1st UCB: Fast and Curious 32.37 12.11 Video Cheng Hao Yuan, Casey Duckering, and Lee-Huang Chen

    Alumni Division

    Place Team Adjusted Time (s) Adjusted Speed (ft/s) Video Racers
    1st UCD: Some Guy 35.93 10.91 Video Daniel Garcia
    2nd CSUF: velocity 2.0 36.08 10.87 Video Chinkal Panchal, Mayank Mehta
    3rd UCLA: The Last Twerque 42.62 9.20 Video Alex Sin, Gary Zhang
    4th UCLA: Appuru S 45.07 8.70 Video Bryant Cheng
    5th UCLA: Catch22 52.90 7.41 Video Jessica Choi, Gabrielle Anggono
    6th UCLA: Who Is Champ? 55.63 7.05 Video Kyle Klein
    7th UCSD: Crusherton 80.72 4.86 Video Peter Jan, Ihab Salameh
    8th UCLA: Dank Wheels 90.19 4.35 Video Kevin Balke