The Curriculum

With our comprehensive, flexible ten-week curriculum, high school students of any background can learn how to build, code, and run their car, picking up hardware and software knowledge similar to what is taught in prestigious universities.



Computer Science

Before the start of the curriculum, we provide a comprehensive review of the most important aspects of the C language. These include

  • Variables and Types

  • For, While Loops

  • If Else, Do-while statements

  • Switch Cases

  • Arrays

  • Pointers

  • Fixed Width Integer Types

  • Functions

  • Structs



Circuits are the focus of Labs 0-2 in the NATCAR curriculum. These labs will reinforce skill development in applied mathematics and physics through theory and laboratory assignments based on industry procedures. Students will be provided instruction on basics concepts in circuits.

  • Basics of Circuits, including Voltage, Current, Power

  • Ohm’s Law

  • Resistors/Capacitors/Inductors

  • Series/Parallel Circuits

  • RC circuits


Embedded Systems

Labs 3-7 cover the basics of Embedded Systems Programming. Students will learn the basics of micro controller programming and low level C programming.

  • Binary and Hex Number Conversion

  • Bit Mapping

  • GPIO

  • Pin Assignments

  • Signals Processing

  • Analog to digital conversion

  • Signals Processing

  • Edge triggered Interrupts

  • Micro controller interfacing with sensors, actuators and motors

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Creative Problem Solving

Students will learn how to solve problems creatively by solving open ended questions. While we provide the tools for the students to succeed, the performance of the final robot will ultimately depend on the students’ creativity.

Students will

  • Design custom software

  • Test written code through Output Debugging


Computer Hardware

Students will put together their own robot on lab 4 in the NATCAR curriculum. This lab will reinforce their hands-on skills and following directions.

  • Soldering

  • De-Soldering

  • Kit Construction

  • Safety Practices

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Team Work

Friendly interaction, understanding and respect for team members and other teams, motivation and enthusiasm, as well as problem solving skills are the cores to successful team work. Students will learn how to work with each other and develop essential communication skills while working through the NATCAR curriculum.


Supplemental Curriculum

For our advanced students, we offer supplemental curriculum for the following subject areas.

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Image Recognition with MATLAB

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Intermediate Embedded Systems

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Intermediate Circuits