Bringing Affordable Robotics Education to Underserved Communities.

When is the competition?

The NATCAR competition is held annually in May at the University of California, Davis. The date will be revealed closer to competition day.

Who can be a Mentor? A Teaching Assistant? A Project Developer?

A Mentor is any adult (18 years or older) who has a background in STEM fields, preferably engineering. This can be a teacher, a parent, a sibling, a college student, etc.

A Teaching Assistant is a high school student with experience in coding. In order to qualify, those who are interested must pass a coding test. More information on the test can be found in the Get Involved page under High School: Teaching Assistant.

A Project Developer is any high school student with an interest in STEM, particularly robotics, coding, and/or engineering. Each team must have two to five Project Developers. No experience is required!

How much time will I need to commit for the curriculum?

For the High School Division, team members are expected to invest at least three hours a week together working on their labs and developing their cars. Mentors and Teaching Assistants will meet for an hour every week to discuss the team's progress and plan for future meetings.