Ordering Kits


Order from Distributor

If you would like, you are more than welcome to order from the distributor element14. This is where most of university students/regular folks order the TI - RSLK kits.


Order from NATCAR

NATCAR.org is offering the kit at the same price as the distributor Newark ELEMENT14, but with free shipping. However, processing your payment may take up to a week.


Ordering Materials



You will need a multimeter to measure current and voltage in labs. It is on sale on Amazon or your local hardware store, but you might just find one lying around in your garage. You can find ones as cheap as 8 dollars on Amazon.


Soldering Kits

To put together the robot, you will need a soldering kit available online or in hardware stores. These kits range from 20-70 dollars. You can share these stations with other teams, and can be used for many many years.


Soldering Kits + Multimeter

We found some kits featuring both soldering kits a multimeters. This is an option for students/teachers who don’t have either a soldering kit or a multimeter.